Friday, November 28, 2008


I want to find the person that created fleece fabric for jackets and now pajamas and other clothing items.
I want to bow to that person in homage and kiss their feet.
I am not kidding!
I live in a 93 year-old farm house. The field-stone basement gives new meaning to 'ankle-biters'.
But Margaret discovered fleece pajamas for me one day at K Mart while I drove her down for her therapy appointment.
I bought TWO pair, one a pretty pink and one a medium, comforting blue in a large. They were exchanged the next day for an xl as the arms were just too tight. Can't stand tight fabric around my upper arms.
I had to hem the pants up two inches on the bottom of those legs, and I might just take that out and put in elastic. It will not keep the legs warm if the pant legs are constantly roaming up to the kneecaps. Plus, in dire coldness, I could snuggle the feet past the elastic to keep those blocks-of-ice 'foofies' warm.
I hate shopping for clothes, did I mention that? That is the reason I bought two pair, or as ever practical daughter mentioned, one to wash, one to wear. And they air dry beautifully!
I reiterate, I want to kiss the feet of the person that invented fleece!

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