Thursday, August 26, 2010

new color backgrond

In case you are wondering, I signed up for an RSS feed and yellow print doesn't show up well, sigh.  So will opt for a lighter background so I can either leave it black or dk green. Took me forever to figure out where I accidently stumbled on it last week. Hmmph! Got to get more computer savvy here!

Missed the monarch's flight

Well, saw hundreds and hundreds of Monarch butterflies landing in the trees last night before the cool temp didn't allow them to fly anymore.  Set the alarm for 8:30 in hopes of hearing them fly off this morning.  8:30 was too late.  Once the sun started hitting those tree tops this morning and warming up their tiny bodies, they were off.  By the time I got out there with the binoculars, there was only one I could see on the tree top and two others flying around.  When I looked back, the one on the tree was also gone and flying around. 
I wished all of them a safe journey to Mexico. 
This hasn't happened for several years now, and wasn't sure we were still on the flyway for them.  I think I just missed the night gathering by being in the house and didn't see them each year they came. 
I still remember when they all started flying away that morning after they warmed up that first time.  It was the softest swishing sound you ever angel's wings. 
I so wanted to hear it again, but wasn't able to.  At least I got to wish the few remaining to take off, a safe trip.  'God speed ye' little ones.  Safe journey.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Back to normal

Ok, I went back and fixed all the screwed up posts.  So all the 'complaining' I did (keeping in mind how crappy I am feeling) can be taken with a grain of salt at this point. Got my MOJO back and it's working!
Oh if life were that simple......

I think I figured out this thingee....

Well, let's see if this works. It seems that the compose button lets me get back to what I want and love on my site.  That edit HTML crapola is just that. Why would anyone ever choose that?  What purpose does it serve?
OK, I am not a computer geek and have tons of things to learn.  But at least I have my preferred font back and I will be able to get the color I want back. I see that there are a few new settings on the task bar, but I am only going to choose those I know!!!!!
Not feeling the best today, think it may be a bad mouse (in not-cat owners vernacular, I think I may have eaten something not good and it is rolling around and out in the gut....'nuf said). But just in case, am not going in to see if I can get Dad to eat. 
With that said, perhaps I should stop making words here, I seem to be getting a bit 'T.M.I.'
Hope everyone is having a good day and is experiencing what we are not....sun, cooler weather out of the upper 90's and beyond.

new blog style

OK. It is official. Someone messed up my blog settings. It may have beeen me, but the jury is out on that one yet. I can't get the beautiful golden color to publish the words anymore, just a pale, icky yellow. I do hate the HTML and would never choose it. I can't choose the font any more, and I love trebuchet font. My apologies.


Well it started when I was packing the carry-on for the plane and was pulling the floss for the Danish Country Christmas.
Instead of being filled numerically, from box one to box two etc., I was literally checking 6 floss boxes with floss in numerical order, and each box was in order but having different floss colors in each, and having to check each box over and over to see if the color wanted was in any of them as I went down the list of floss.
I got frustrated.
Now mind you, when the tree came down on the bedroom and kitchen, Hubby put all my stitching and floss in one area of the living room, or maybe it was put in the barn, so I could find it. Anyway, all my DMC floss, and I had all the colors, are not found yet, admittedly, I am slow. So I start with new floss whenever I get a new pattern.
But I had 5 or 6 boxes of new floss to go through to see if I had all the floss for the two patterns.
So when we got home, the plan was to combine all the floss from the various boxes and put them in numerical order to flow from box one to eventually now to box three.
I finished this morning after working on it off and on for the last three days.
What a feeling of accomplishment! And what a timesaver it will be!
For those of you that don't stitch, it is like trying to find your new toothbrush in your linen closet, in one or the other places you place new toothbrushes in the linen closet drawers.
Or, like trying to find that spatula for cleaning out that bowl of potato salad and having to go through all of your kitchen drawers. Frustration level------inordinately high.
So the job on Monday's 'ToDo' list is finally done and back in the bookcase ready to be used when needed again. I even have two extra boxes to expand now. Although I just thought of something, I didn't leave room for the Danish Country Christmas floss and the new floss I bought for the Gnomes to be put back into the three boxes! LOL
Good thing I have an extra, empty box. 'Tis a tedious job to move 6 skeins of floss into the next compartment. Guess I am not done yet.
Isn't there a saying of "The best laid plans of mice and men...."?
Will take the Scarlett O'Hara of Tara approach...."I'll think of that, tomorrow..."

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Well, I did the annual trek to Vegas. Why I go in the summer is beyond me. I know, there is a screw loose in the thinking department.

But I did make my annual trip to Stitcher's Paradise and spent some to help keep a LNS store going.

I got three patterns from Imaginating. The first is "We Thank Thee Lord" which is a beautiful sampler type with a marvelous basket of fall fruits and vegetables. It is #1298 if you want to look it up. (

The second is "Halloween Delusion" #SG-43. I got it because I thought it was part of the 'Kelly's Cats' series. It looks like it, but after careful scrutiny, didn't see any mention of her at all, as this was designed by Holly Gordon and Judy VonStein.

The third was "Tricky Treat Cats" #SG-23, designed by Holly Gordon. Of the two cat offerings, hubby liked Halloween Delusion best. It was also the one stitched and framed next to the register counter and caught my eye.

The fourth pattern is one I saw on Mary Salvi's blog and fell in love with, and is called "Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow by Carriage House Samplings". Of course, having pumpkins on the top kind of cinched the favor, and I am going to have to contact Mary to get particulars from her. I agree with her and will do it in DMC, as that is what I have most available, not to mention the cost. It calls for 60 colors, and sorry, I will keep the silks called for, for for a smaller project at $6.00/skein. I can hardly wait to start this one, and will have to figure out if I can do some type of rotation to get all the projects worked on and still keep going on all that I want to stitch. Maybe that is the secret to keeping things fresh and not stagnating on a project. Yes?

Let me know how all of you do it with multiple projects going.

I brought out only one leaflet and floss with me so I could start on Jeremiah Junction's Danish Country Christmas, leaflet # JL117, 1991. I picked it up during an early spring garage saling venture for 50 cents. I liked the sampler aspect of the two pieces, and it had two gnomes! While in Vegas, I bought 18ct Aida to work on it. I had fabric, but wasn't comfortable with the shortage on the width, I was one inch short. (I know, a bit 'anal retentive' here). However, in buying the piece of fabric for $22.00, not only did I get both patterns pieces cut, but I have a large hunk leftover to do other things with. WooHoo!

I did spend .70/ per skein for DMC, but it only came to $12.00, and I really wanted to get both pieces started, and didn't have the floss for the Gnomes. I had all the floss for the skating winter sampler though.

All in all, Hubby let me stay in the hotel room and stitch for two days before I was required to help pack. I was in heaven. It is a good thing we only eat twice a day there, it left me more time in the middle to start things.

Well, that is the report on my stitching for now.

Would love to hear your comments if you have time.