Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Well, I did the annual trek to Vegas. Why I go in the summer is beyond me. I know, there is a screw loose in the thinking department.

But I did make my annual trip to Stitcher's Paradise and spent some to help keep a LNS store going.

I got three patterns from Imaginating. The first is "We Thank Thee Lord" which is a beautiful sampler type with a marvelous basket of fall fruits and vegetables. It is #1298 if you want to look it up. (

The second is "Halloween Delusion" #SG-43. I got it because I thought it was part of the 'Kelly's Cats' series. It looks like it, but after careful scrutiny, didn't see any mention of her at all, as this was designed by Holly Gordon and Judy VonStein.

The third was "Tricky Treat Cats" #SG-23, designed by Holly Gordon. Of the two cat offerings, hubby liked Halloween Delusion best. It was also the one stitched and framed next to the register counter and caught my eye.

The fourth pattern is one I saw on Mary Salvi's blog and fell in love with, and is called "Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow by Carriage House Samplings". Of course, having pumpkins on the top kind of cinched the favor, and I am going to have to contact Mary to get particulars from her. I agree with her and will do it in DMC, as that is what I have most available, not to mention the cost. It calls for 60 colors, and sorry, I will keep the silks called for, for for a smaller project at $6.00/skein. I can hardly wait to start this one, and will have to figure out if I can do some type of rotation to get all the projects worked on and still keep going on all that I want to stitch. Maybe that is the secret to keeping things fresh and not stagnating on a project. Yes?

Let me know how all of you do it with multiple projects going.

I brought out only one leaflet and floss with me so I could start on Jeremiah Junction's Danish Country Christmas, leaflet # JL117, 1991. I picked it up during an early spring garage saling venture for 50 cents. I liked the sampler aspect of the two pieces, and it had two gnomes! While in Vegas, I bought 18ct Aida to work on it. I had fabric, but wasn't comfortable with the shortage on the width, I was one inch short. (I know, a bit 'anal retentive' here). However, in buying the piece of fabric for $22.00, not only did I get both patterns pieces cut, but I have a large hunk leftover to do other things with. WooHoo!

I did spend .70/ per skein for DMC, but it only came to $12.00, and I really wanted to get both pieces started, and didn't have the floss for the Gnomes. I had all the floss for the skating winter sampler though.

All in all, Hubby let me stay in the hotel room and stitch for two days before I was required to help pack. I was in heaven. It is a good thing we only eat twice a day there, it left me more time in the middle to start things.

Well, that is the report on my stitching for now.

Would love to hear your comments if you have time.

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