Friday, August 20, 2010

I think I figured out this thingee....

Well, let's see if this works. It seems that the compose button lets me get back to what I want and love on my site.  That edit HTML crapola is just that. Why would anyone ever choose that?  What purpose does it serve?
OK, I am not a computer geek and have tons of things to learn.  But at least I have my preferred font back and I will be able to get the color I want back. I see that there are a few new settings on the task bar, but I am only going to choose those I know!!!!!
Not feeling the best today, think it may be a bad mouse (in not-cat owners vernacular, I think I may have eaten something not good and it is rolling around and out in the gut....'nuf said). But just in case, am not going in to see if I can get Dad to eat. 
With that said, perhaps I should stop making words here, I seem to be getting a bit 'T.M.I.'
Hope everyone is having a good day and is experiencing what we are not....sun, cooler weather out of the upper 90's and beyond.

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