Friday, August 20, 2010


Well it started when I was packing the carry-on for the plane and was pulling the floss for the Danish Country Christmas.
Instead of being filled numerically, from box one to box two etc., I was literally checking 6 floss boxes with floss in numerical order, and each box was in order but having different floss colors in each, and having to check each box over and over to see if the color wanted was in any of them as I went down the list of floss.
I got frustrated.
Now mind you, when the tree came down on the bedroom and kitchen, Hubby put all my stitching and floss in one area of the living room, or maybe it was put in the barn, so I could find it. Anyway, all my DMC floss, and I had all the colors, are not found yet, admittedly, I am slow. So I start with new floss whenever I get a new pattern.
But I had 5 or 6 boxes of new floss to go through to see if I had all the floss for the two patterns.
So when we got home, the plan was to combine all the floss from the various boxes and put them in numerical order to flow from box one to eventually now to box three.
I finished this morning after working on it off and on for the last three days.
What a feeling of accomplishment! And what a timesaver it will be!
For those of you that don't stitch, it is like trying to find your new toothbrush in your linen closet, in one or the other places you place new toothbrushes in the linen closet drawers.
Or, like trying to find that spatula for cleaning out that bowl of potato salad and having to go through all of your kitchen drawers. Frustration level------inordinately high.
So the job on Monday's 'ToDo' list is finally done and back in the bookcase ready to be used when needed again. I even have two extra boxes to expand now. Although I just thought of something, I didn't leave room for the Danish Country Christmas floss and the new floss I bought for the Gnomes to be put back into the three boxes! LOL
Good thing I have an extra, empty box. 'Tis a tedious job to move 6 skeins of floss into the next compartment. Guess I am not done yet.
Isn't there a saying of "The best laid plans of mice and men...."?
Will take the Scarlett O'Hara of Tara approach...."I'll think of that, tomorrow..."

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