Sunday, February 15, 2009

I am so very happy.
Friday I went to our local hardware store, and, as I paid for my replacement pot knobs, I looked up and there was a 5-6' tall circular display of DMC Floss! I am so happy to have DMC floss back in the environs of Milaca. Princeton's Pamida used to carry floss, but got rid of it years ago.
I will no longer have to drive an hour one way to the Coon Rapids, MN, Jo Ann's or Michael's for floss. That is the closest. Even St. Cloud is an hour away for Michael's or Crafts Direct.
True, each skein is 39 cents as opposed to 27-33 cents per skein, but just think of the gas and time saved! That in itself means more stitching time, WooHoo!
Thank You Koch's Hardware.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


It was 32 years ago today that Bobby asked me to marry him.
On the driveway exiting IHOP restaurant in Crystal, MN.
Totally unexpected, and so totally joyous. It was a good thing he was driving. I think he was so nervous.
It has been a marvelous 32 years since the asking and the 31 years since the wedding.
Thank You Bobby. I feel as treasured today as I did that day 32 years ago.

Jeff Gordon on 2.10.9, Rachael Ray's program

O.k. The man is supposed to be a learned man, or so they say.
But on the blurb Rachael Ray's people put out so you will watch the show, with his speech, sure doesn't seem like it.
His words are:
"My Mother, she knows how to drive."

O.K. Jeff, let's break it down.
"My Mother". Got it.....a female member of your family.

"SHE knows....." Why do you have to hit us over the head with a gender designation when you have already established it?

It drives me nutso to hear supposedly intelligent, educated sports people use the same double 'branding' if you will.
"Kent Hrbek, he really knows how to cover his post and he is a good first baseman."
"Tiger Woods, he is recuperating from surgery this golf season."
It goes on and on. It is perpetuated by general usage, especially by sports commentators, and when it comes within my sphere of listening, I generally try to correct it. It is so common, people do not realize what they are doing. Because they have heard it, they think it is acceptable.
It isn't.
Drives me nuts.
Listen to people and then gently correct them.
"Did you hear that Mrs. Preston, she is giving a tea for all the young girls in the church?"
"Excuse me, (chuckle here) you have already identified Mrs. Preston, your Pastor's wife's 'gender', no need to tell me that Mrs. Preston is a 'she'. Now continue, if you will, and Thank You."
Or, do it in your own inimitable way, YOU ARE ALL smart enough to figure out a way to tell people that they do not have to double the gender in the same sentence, especially if they are referring to only one person. They have already established it.

Friday, February 6, 2009

I have a new obsession

I have a new obsession.
Cinnamon graham crackers with 'Nutella'! (pronounced "new-tell-uh"),
If you haven't had Nutella, boy, are you ever missing a joy in this world.

It is when you really need chocolate and don't have any chocolate bars in those favourite hiding spots in the house, and do not want to open that bag of 'designated cookie' chocolate chips.
Plus it is spreadable! How great is that!?
I have known about Nutella for years, but was introduced to it by a young East Indian couple at the Maple Grove WalMart last year. I saw that they had it in their cart and stopped to ask about it. She told me about it and said that there was a stand in the front of the store with a dollar off coupon. She told me where it was in the store, and I went and got a jar. She met up with me a few aisles away and asked if I had gotten a coupon, and I said that I hadn't (I'm not really a coupon shopper, but will change now after getting some very good advice on how to really save money). She graciously gave me two of her coupons to use.
For those not in the know, Nutella is a hazelnut spread with skim milk and cocoa. A 13 ounce jar is made with over 50 hazelnuts per jar. You do not have to refrigerate it or microwave it to get it soft. It already is. For a 2 tbsp serving the total fat is 11g, 0 cholesterol, 15 mg sodium, 22g total carb (mind you, it is for TWO tablespoons, that's a humongous amount!), 1 gr fiber and 3 gr protein. No vitamin A, no vitamin C, but calcium is 4% and iron is 4%.
The jar said it is delicious on whole wheat, multigrain and bakery breads, bagels, English muffins, waffles, toast, croissants........add cinnamon grahams!
I am going to go to to see what else is in there.
Got the cinnamon grahams earlier this week at Aldi's grocery (first time in there, ever, was pleased with my $10.00 shopping spree), and mentioned to Margaret that I hadn't had graham crackers in the house forever because dear hubby would sniff and snuff them out. Am re-looking at the foods I need to eat to stay healthy. Graham is back on the horizon, even though the fiber is listed as less than 1 gram, but protein is 2 gr. The numbers are interesting.
calories 130 calories from fat 25
total fat 3 gr
cholesterol 0mg
sodium 105 mg
total carbohydrates 25 gr
sugars 10g
Iron 6%
So in the general scheme of things, it isn't raw veggies, BUT, when that chocolate craving rears its ugly head, grahams and Nutella.
Thank you, Lord, for a small blessing.


Has it ever occurred to anyone how hearing is 'different' between men and women?
The classic in my life was when a former relative was told of an 'non-before' noise in a car, and his response was "Turn Up The Radio!"
I don't know what it is between men and women on hearing noises that weren't there before.
Perhaps it is because we, as women and mothers, have to listen for the smallest, tiniest sound emanating from the smaller members of the human race in our domiciles in order to keep them safe.
Our children.
While men blithely drive or sleep on and on and on.
We can hear the slightest change in pitch of the furnace, car engine, refrigerator, ANY mechanical device.
Ask the man in your immediate relationship to identify the problem and you get the 'You have got to be kidding' look.
Or, as in the former relative, "TURN THE RADIO UP!"
But...........get them out hunting, and they can hear mouse footfalls in the woods 30 feet away.
Get them out in a male dominated area such as the Indy 500 and they can tell if an engine is the smallest micro-meter off.
I find that so funny.
Yet, they constantly put us down for that ability to say "the furnace isn't running right, would you check on it for me, please?"
Maybe we should retaliate and get that same, mirroring look on our faces when they ask us what is wrong.......Ooooh, wouldn't that be the best 'backatcha' ever?
Don't get me wrong, MOST men are deserving of our praise and trust. However, there are those few that are spoiling it for the 'gems' we have found to live with daily. Is it in how we raise our male offspring?
I tried to raise my male offspring to respect the female in his life. I don't really know if I succeeded, I hope so, his spouse is just the cutest little bug. She is so smart and loves to teach those small kids in her charge.
There are women out there that raise their male offspring to believe differently, and that any woman in his life is secondary to him.
We all have different ways to raise our children.
As to which is best, I don't know.

I do know that my Mother-in-law raised my husband beautifully. I am truly blessed to have him in my life.
My father-in-law is the most gentle man and had a lot to contribute in the raising of this man and a lot for Bobby to emulate. He does so continually.
There are a lot of things in life I don't know.
But, I am willing to learn.....and listen.