Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jeff Gordon on 2.10.9, Rachael Ray's program

O.k. The man is supposed to be a learned man, or so they say.
But on the blurb Rachael Ray's people put out so you will watch the show, with his speech, sure doesn't seem like it.
His words are:
"My Mother, she knows how to drive."

O.K. Jeff, let's break it down.
"My Mother". Got it.....a female member of your family.

"SHE knows....." Why do you have to hit us over the head with a gender designation when you have already established it?

It drives me nutso to hear supposedly intelligent, educated sports people use the same double 'branding' if you will.
"Kent Hrbek, he really knows how to cover his post and he is a good first baseman."
"Tiger Woods, he is recuperating from surgery this golf season."
It goes on and on. It is perpetuated by general usage, especially by sports commentators, and when it comes within my sphere of listening, I generally try to correct it. It is so common, people do not realize what they are doing. Because they have heard it, they think it is acceptable.
It isn't.
Drives me nuts.
Listen to people and then gently correct them.
"Did you hear that Mrs. Preston, she is giving a tea for all the young girls in the church?"
"Excuse me, (chuckle here) you have already identified Mrs. Preston, your Pastor's wife's 'gender', no need to tell me that Mrs. Preston is a 'she'. Now continue, if you will, and Thank You."
Or, do it in your own inimitable way, YOU ARE ALL smart enough to figure out a way to tell people that they do not have to double the gender in the same sentence, especially if they are referring to only one person. They have already established it.

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