Thursday, November 6, 2008


Well, by all appearances, both were a sucess.
I bought $17.50 worth of baked/canned goods and hand stitched items. I still have to get the $50.00 worth of horseradish from Genny C. at the church. Bobby gave me $60.00 to give her because he said it is worth it. The turkey dinner was still going gung-ho after 7 p.m. with people still coming in the doors.

I had to drive Margaret back and forth to St. Cloud for an MRI for her shoulder since she was on some pretty heavy pain meds, and she had taken me out to lunch as a thank you. So, I had eaten a late lunch with Margaret at La Casita in St. Cloud, and was still full, sigh. My favourite meal is the Thanksgiving turkey meal they serve every year.
Bobby was at home 'devouring' the channels with the remote on the day that is his special day. I have a husband that LOVES election day and has ever since he was eight years old. Don't even think of calling him, ya hear!
On a lighter note, the bownies I made for the bake sale are MARVELOUS!!! Bobby said that whoever bought them are most likely saying, "Who made these and where can I get the recipe as they are just the best!"
I packaged and donated a dozen and even have some left over for us to nosh on at home. Thank you Betty Crocker!
Well, I am going to take this very sore back and try to get some sleep. I have a feeling that it is this director's chair that is making me walk bent over like an old lady.
Tomorrow the dishes!
Maybe some time for stitching too.

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