Friday, November 28, 2008


My mother didn't have much education in the school room sense. But she was an avid reader, as in prolific. She loved to read....loved to learn.
Born in 1917, her journey in life saw so much.
Phones, television, rockets to the moon, men walking on the moon, microwave ovens, automatic bread makers, stoves that didn't use wood to create heat, cell phones, computers, laptop computers, radios and music that can be housed in a shirt pocket, fleece jackets to keep you warm, jet planes, planes period. Cars that went faster than 10-20 miles per hour, automatic HEAT in those cars. Beds that didn't have to hold more than one child each. Heat in your homes that you didn't have to cut the wood for. The list could go on and on. She loved them all.
When you think on it, the journey from 1917 to 2001 holds a world of miracles.
Things we take for granted.
Our children and grandchildren have grown up in a world that is so consumer friendly. Some children don't know what to do to open a car window when there isn't a button to push. They don't know what a window-crank-handle is. And vanity mirrors on the passenger side. One gal we know will get into a vehicle on the passenger side and immediately fold the visor down so she can check her image in the mirror. When she got into a commercial truck, she did the routine and was surprised that it didn't have a vanity mirror on the passenger visor.
We get used to so much.
This morning I received an email from an author that was sent from her Blackberry. That brings up 'texting'. Another phenomenon that I personally, absolutely abhor......
My Mother would have loved it all. She got to see a lot of it, but with all the new things coming up, she would have reveled in all that knowledge floating around out there just waiting to be processed into her hands and most importantly, her mind.
My mother was an extremely precocious and very smart woman.
I miss her.
I love you Mom.

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