Wednesday, November 12, 2008


'Lagniappe' (lan'-yap) in Cajun country means 'something a little extra'.
I was talking with a gentleman the other day and he mentioned that it was his Mother's birthday that day. I asked him if he was sending her flowers. His head came up and he looked me in the eye and said that 'he hadn't thought of it'.
I mentioned that if he wasn't going to send her flowers, maybe a gift with 'Lagniappe' would be nice.

He didn't know what it was.
I explained that in Louisiana Cajun country it meant 'a little something extra' like buying twelve beignets (fried dough with powdered sugar eaten with Louisiana coffee!) and the shop keeper throwing in the thirteenth beignet. A little something extra.
Like buying a jewelry box and filling it with Godiva Chocolates. A little something extra.
His eyes took on a far away look and I think his Mom got some graciously bestowed 'lagniappe' that day.
We could all do with some lagniappe in our daily lives. Whether it is to give to someone else, or to give to ourselves.
A small bit of time carved out for ourselves to pray, meditate, look at the snow falling and 'Thank' the Lord for it, or to give someone else a special something 'little extra'.

Try it.
(and let me know how it worked)

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