Monday, November 10, 2008

One fall day a couple of years ago, I was headed to the cities and drove by this enchanting field. I didn't have the time then, but on my way back I stopped and shot a couple of pictures. I think it loses something in the translation from eyewitness to photo, but it is still pretty. I have a few other views and I still enjoy them as they come up on my screensaver.
See, I can post photos other than my cross stitch.
I love the Minnesota countryside in all seasons. I love seeing the golden corn stalks bending with the wind over a snow field. That 'old gold' has a softness and mellowness that just tweaks my eye and gives joy to my heart.
I am a frustrated painter, never having done any, but would love to get the whole Bob Ross video set and just Play, Play, Play at being an artist.
I was watching another water color painter's show on PBS one day and he mentioned that Bob Ross had passed away.
I never knew.
To this day, I don't remember what the man was painting because I started to cry.
A heart-wrenching cry from the bottom of my soul for a man I never knew or met other than through his PBS television show.
My very 'dear friend' who got me through another week when I was experiencing such 'down-ness'.
Some weeks he was the only thing that seemed to keep me going from one week to the next to be able to look forward to his half-hour program.
The gentleness of his voice and his gentle, hypnotic soothing ways were a balm to my battered soul and psyche. Who is to say what will trigger a slide down a slope where we don't know how to climb out of?
All I know is that I love Bob Ross, his critters, his painting, his belief that we are all painters in our souls, and will love that gentle man for the rest of my life. His gentle manner and love for the people in this world made it a priveledge to know him, if only through a PBS program. With tears in my eyes and a hurting heart, I miss you Bob, and 'God Bless'.

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