Saturday, November 22, 2008


On one of my various needlework sites that I have subscribed to in my inbox came this quote out of no where.
I thought on it and think who ever thought it up should get the Pulitzer Prize for everything!
Here it is:

"Cinderella is proof that a new pair of Shoes can change your life! "

Think about it.
We don't live in a fairy tale, but can we apply the references they allude to in our life?
You Bet!
In this case, go out and get a new pair of shoes for Thanksgiving! It will change your life!
"I Gar - own - tee!"
(Thanks to Justin Wilson for the parody on his pronunciation of the word.)
When I find it again, I will give credit to the person that included it in her post.
*****I just found her posting. It is from Vickie in Arkansas on the Mystic Stitch stitching SAL club. Thanks Vickie. It is the loveliest sentiment around.

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