Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Well stopped off at the library today. Just had an armload of books and books on cds to drop off because they were DUE!
Then, even though my back was killing me, decided to do the work thing. Hopefully it would allow me to loosen up. No such thing. Asked Sharon, our lovely librarian if she had any Tylenol, and she didn't.
Hubby called, and had to pick him up at HyTech so he could drop off his little truck to have the brakes worked on.
We decided to check and see if Lisa down at New China Buffet had had her baby #2 yet. She did, but not on Sept 12 as scheduled, but last night! She had a boy and seemed like Dad was pretty happy. Daughter Sara was ok with it as she doesn't have to share anything now.
Came home and back still hurting after two Tylenol, so going to lay down now.
No political comments today, but, oooh, am so glad that the regular commercials are back on!!!! Even with the Christmas commercials on on November 5th!

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