Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cute sign on a car and maybe a philosophy on life?

On the way down to the cities today, I saw an oval sticker on the back of a car.
Wag More
Bark Less
Think about it. It doesn't necessarily mean just our canine 'people'....isn't it a good philosophy for all of us to adopt?
Sometimes the unadulterated love a canine has for us is a beauty to behold.
While traveling to Highway 169 a short time ago, I was on a connecting country road. The school bus was letting a young man off the bus. He was somewhere between 13 and 16, most likely 15 or so when he doesn't have the option not to ride the bus.
He was exiting the bus to his farm home and I saw the dog well before the bus stopped. The dog's body had no bones. The wiggle traveled up from the tip of the tail to the rest of the body. Nothing there but pure unadulterated love for his young master.
The joy was boundless.
The young man was annoyed and used his knee to push down and away the dog's joyful, small one half foot leap to his young master. He never reached down to pat that lovely head or murmur a gentle welcome.
The dog never stopped wagging his tail and body.
His joy was powerful.
He had waited all day for his master to come back to him.
I was so saddened the young man was so disinterested in that love.
The joy was so infectious, I found I had a small lump in my throat and found the tears start.
I wanted to stop my pickup, get down on my knees and give that loving dog all my love.
It would have been returned.
One of these days I may stop by with a Nylabone, large sized, and some dog treats as a 'Thank You' gift.
That beautiful dog stole my heart.
Wag More
Bark Less

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