Thursday, November 20, 2008

Today I spent time in the library in our town.
I am a volunteer and mostly what I do is shelve books.
I have a marvelous time because I am a cross stitcher, everything has to be in its place.
It probably takes me longer to shelve than any other volunteer because I am constantly 'reading' the shelves.
Translation of 'reading': Putting books in the correct numerical or alphabetical order.
I'm tellin' ya! Libraries need to only get cross-stitchers as volunteers. We will put them back in order!
I have snizzle-fits when I find whole sections backwards or out of order.
But Sharon doesn't mind, she can't or won't fire me for being slow in shelving. One of the ladies that worked there told Sharon she could tell when I was in to work. The shelves just made more sense. She could find things for people.
I enjoy it.
It is quiet, no one bothers me and most questions I can answer.
I am even learning to love shelve the 'Easy' books for the little ones (pre-grade one or grade two). I am so fascinated by the artwork on these books. If you never have seen the artwork for these books, visit your local library or go to the book store and just delve and immerse yourself in the children's sections. You will come away smiling and wistful for those books. I guarantee it!
(P.S. I have been known to secretly take out some of them or read them in the back of the stacks while shelving adult books if I have some on my cart. Oh for the innocence of life again!)
Libraries are great places. I have been tempted to take my stitching and sit by the fireplace and just forget about the time for a half day or so. Wouldn't that be grand!

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