Saturday, November 8, 2008

Friday with Hubby

Well, went down with hubby yesterday and he promised me a good dinner if I tootled around with him in the big truck. So I did, brought the Diane Mott Davidson book 'Double Shot' along and my BoInk. It is the one in the Goldy Schultz, Caterer series that I somehow missed. Has to be that dreadful habit of publisher's to include a chapter of the new, upcoming, unpublished book at the end of the last in the series. I can't tell you how many in a series I have missed because I look at the first chapter of the new book and think, "well, this is familiar, I've read this already", and then miss the next installment!!!
Got some stitching in on my very delayed BoInk and am going to love my choice in green (DMC 3848) It is a beautiful soft, medium green. I am going to switch out the yellow I chose, 726 for a brighter yellow. Will see, maybe the original choice will look better.
Somehow my glucometer slipped out of my purse (wondered why it felt so light and had so much extra room and ease of zipping), so was a bit nervous with my food choices yesterday and why I was feeling so strange and didn't know where my blood sugar was at.
Stopped after his last sale and bought another $18.00 glucometer and was able to establish my bs. By the time we got to Mystic for dinner it was down to 109, which is low for me. When it gets that low, I start dropping fast. Glad we were in the restaurant so I could get those carbs and other foods in. Felt much better after eating.
Well, gotta go, have auction house crew dinner to make, and we are having meat loaf, baked potatoes, croissants, green beans (if I can find them in the kitchen there), veggies with dip and carrot cake for dessert.
So gotta boogie.....Huggs

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