Sunday, November 2, 2008


Today I am still feeling the effects of the sinus infection that I have been on meds for the last five days.
Really do hate it when people that burn garbage or shove their face into my space and spew tobacco smoke at me...gets me sick with a severe sinus infection every time.
I didn't go to church (have to be awfully fuzzy not to go, and my head is still pounding with the infection), staying in bed to recoup some energy.
Auction wasn't late last nite, we actually got to leave the auction house before midnight to wend our way home.
Finally got up to answer tummy rumbles, but got sidetracked. Think I will look forward to oatmeal cooked in milk (the only way to get milk into me) with golden raisins and cranberry blend. So far, have staved off the hunger pangs for over two hours and should be doing the cooking, in the microwave if nothing else. Gotta go, take the blood sugar first to see how much oatmeal I will have....

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  1. Sorry, that brown has gotta go. Hope it is readable.