Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Veteran's Day

Well, Veteran's Day brings tears to my eyes.
Always has, always will.
I was teased terribly in high school when we would go to the auditorium and they started playing 'Taps'. I always started to cry.

That song played on a trumpet will always generate tears.
Peers can be a taunting pack.
The notes of that song soar and are so lingering in the heart. I have heard it so many times, that each note is special.
My Dad was a cook on Leyte in the Phillippines.
He saw his best buddy die.
He doesn't talk about it much.
I understand.
This is a man that would take an hour to pick out just the right card for your birthday, because he had to read each one to make sure it was just the right card for you.
He would always say that he had an eyelash in his eye when caught wiping away a tear when watching a sorrowful part in a movie.

He is 93 and the VFW doesn't charge him yearly dues. The post commander feels that anyone that served in WWII paid their dues.

The American Legion charges dues.
Thank you for that VFW post.

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