Monday, November 3, 2008

Oct 31
I have had this site on my inbox mailings for a while now and am soooo glad I did.
I neded to calculate the amount of fabric needed for a certain size stitchery that I am going to be working on but am doing it in a different count of fabric than the fabric suggested.
With their fabric conversion chart, I was able to type in the stitch numbers by length and width and calculate the amount of fabric needed! It is a wonderful site for helping us with that knotty problem of math calculations.
It is called They also include an area for pictures of 'finished stitched' pieces as well as the 'stitched back' postings (my personal favourite, as it helps you 'learn' how to keep your backs NEAT by seeing), floss conversion charts, floss conversion calulator, as well as matt board calculators, floss checklist, fabric size calculator, tuck pillow pattern maker, A FREE GRAPH PAPER area to printout on your printer, finishing techniques, manufactures, and links.
It is a wonderful site to get into if you are really interested in 'tweaking' patterns and stitching them on something other than the fabric included with patterns. I hope a bunch of us sign up for the site. It is well worth our support.Huggs, Cait


  1. I liked the find stitch site better. Cyber stitchers tells me I can't view the albums.

  2. Will have tocheck futher into Find Stitch. Didn't know that was there. Thanks