Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Willow coloring

During the time I was along with Hubby on the trip down to the cities, I was noticing how beautiful the willows were this fall.
Most of them were this beatiful gold color. A few were still green and gold in combination. I really don't remember this beautiful gold color before.
Isn't is strange how things seem to 'pop' at you when you probably have driven by them many times before and never noticed?
One of the things I love about my dear hubby is that he is always looking and seeing things to take joy in while he is driving the same old route to the cities. We have seen hawks of different varieties, eagles, deer, and a lot of things we wonder if other people take the time to notice.
Even though he is so busy, he takes the time to notice things. That is what makes it a joy to drive cross country with him.
On earlier trips from Las Vegas, there is a place in New Mexico called Laguna. Just off the road is a place where old homes in the Mexican/southwest pueblo-style were built. It is right on the freeway and is one of the oldest, unspoiled places where people had lived. A treat to see. We stopped and I took pictures.
As we were traveling through Arizona and New Mexico, it was the old 'shoot-em-ups' personified. I can remember watching those on tv when I was a kid and the buttes and bluffs were still there. I kept expecting cowboys riding around the corner chasing the bad guys. It was that powerful. Nice to know that they are still there for kids to 'believe' in.
And aren't we all kids at heart. I still like shoot-em-ups.

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