Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Yesterday I drove Margaret down to the hospital to have labs done and it was a 12 hour fast. For a diabetic, this can be an issue. When we left her blood sugar was down to 88. So after labs, we headed to the McDonald's on the corner.
She got a barbeque Snack Wrap, tore off about 1/3 of the tortilla and was able to get that chicken down because it was moist with the sauce. I tasted it and found that it was a marvelous blending of flavours. My choice is usually the grilled chicken with Ranch. With the chipotle barbeque, the sauce is over the entire chicken instead of just in spots with the ranch. I may have to switch.
So then we were down to the physical therapist in Elk River. Waited in the truck while she was in getting tugged and pulled and prodded. It was a good thing she took her pain pills after her 'breakfast' and before therapy, as she was definitely 'peaked' looking when she came out.
Went to Target and bought one of those living basil plants. Brought in my pots from outside and plan to plant it. Miss the basil for my oriental noodle soups.
I plant herbs in the spring and summer. I don't use most of them, but love to see how they grow and mostly how wonderful the aroma is when you brush against them.
This year I thought I would garden again. Started with herbs and pansies after Bobby's wonderful girl helper cleared out a lot of the small trees and weeds in my herb garden after three or so years of neglect. I found that my arthritis and strength has diminished my ability to pull weeds and condition the soil. I am a bit upset with that.
I may have to find exercises to do this winter to alleviate this problem. I am starting with counted cross stitch again. So that is helping to get the fingers nimble again, as well as this blog. I find that typing on my laptop on my little wooden tv table is just the right height and it helps to keep those fingers nimble.
Now to just find exercises to strengthen my upper arms and back. Dad has some papers from the Elim Home he was at this summer that I may be able to copy. He uses a rubber band-type of strech strap that helps him stay strong. Sounds like a good idea.
Well, I got the potting soil with Miracle Grow in it to use in the pot, so my basil should have some good nutrients. I wish I had thought ahead to bring in some of the herbs from outside before the ground froze, but I didn't. Now to find seeds......hmmmmm.

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