Monday, November 3, 2008

What a day!

Well, went to check on the name of a surgery, and lost the entire posting. Well, since I don't want to go through it again, leave it to say that this has been the most unproductive day, ever.
I didn't even get one stitch in on my BoInk (Book of Ink Circles site) for the cross stitching project I have just started. A bad day is a day when you can't stitch.
Sinus infection is still giving me a run for the money and started the second session of Levaquin 500 mg tabs today. It is better than the Zithromax on my body insofar as I don't have the 'bad bowel' syndrome. 'Nuf said on that score.
Hubby is gently snoring and had his fill of Craig's List today. Well, maybe not. I will get a t-shirt that says "Pray for Me...I am a Craig's List Widow"!
But that is ok with me. It is his business to check pricing on all sorts of goods as that is his job, 24/7/52. He lives and breathes, how shall we say, commodities? Things we all buy to live our lives with. From Soup to that is what eventually appears in the Auction House.
My blood sugar has been all over today, and finally at 11:35pm it was down to 135. Since I had that one horrendous meal today (could have done without the carrot cake muffin with frosting for dessert), I was hungry. So I opted for the standard fare of 2 basted eggs and about 10 baked Cheetos for carb value.
I really have to get back into the Glycemic Index way of eating.
I feel so much better when I do....but when you aren't feeling well, you grab what is handiest, in this case, my ever favourite basted eggs.
I am enjoying a cup of hot green tea, and will have to go back to putting green tea bags in my water bottle. Looks kind of funky, but I can ingest a whole lot more water that way. Need to drink more water. Green tea is good for you, it should be put in our local water supply. But since I live on a farm, it would be difficult to put into our new well.
Well, am not boogey-eyed from sinus pressure (med must be kicking in), and I do feel 'un-tired', gee, wonder why, so think I will get a package ready for mailing to Washington to my friend Penny Q. tomorrow. She deserves the goodies I will send. She has more health problems than I do, and I just want to help her find the additional joy in cross stitching with some cross stitching supplies. Hope this package will do it. May tuck in a small goodie if I can find them. If not, I guess that means I need to reorganize things around here.
Since it is now 1:30am+, good night all, sweet dreams.

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