Friday, November 14, 2008

Rough day

It's been a rough day for me. I was silently accused of setting something up that I had nothing to do with.
I do wish people would leave my affairs alone. Or at least when they do meddle, own up to it, immediately, when you cause the action, instead of leaving me take the flak and fallout by their omission of ownership.
That is a problem with us all. We don't want to admit when we have been wrong. 'We' know it all. 'We' think 'we' can fix everything. They don't reailze that certain people are stubborn, won't listen to anyone, and their heritage makes them feel they are invincible. We aren't. None of us are. We all have the same foibles everyone else has. It is all in how we are brought up.
I was brought up to care for people, not to hurt anyone by mouth or deed. So therefore, I don't say things to people that would hurt them. I believe I am allowed to employ a little white lie for that.
But, in my upbringing, this trait has brought me much grief.
No one out there can fix anyone else's life. It must come from within the person.
Let me paraphrase....'If you wish to take the twig out of my eye, start with the plank in thine own.'
However, no matter how bad this day has been, I will carry on. Try to put it past myself and, eventually, try to work on it to let the incredibly immense hurt go.

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