Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I am supposed to be doing chores. Or calling Dad to see how he is doing. I don't think I will be traveling down to the cities today, so hope he is feeling better.
We have 9 inches as of an hour and a half ago, and it is still coming down, sometimes in big flakes and other times those nasty little ones that seem to fill up the yard and roads faster.
Measured the 9 inches on my top step where the wind hasn't gotten to it. Pretty safe place to measure. Metal yardstick does wonders.
The garbage pickup truck was just here, so I guess there are others out and about, although I haven't heard the snowplow yet. I shouldn't complain, Manistitque, MI, has tons of snow compared to our measly 9 inches. Ach! I need to get out of my jammies, comfortable as they are...they are the blue ones this time. I really love the fleece jammies and should toss all the other sleep shirts out....except when it gets warmer and I can't wear these any more. The horns of a dilemma! Well, need to call my sister, she sent me the most marvelous recipe for 15 Minute Tex-Mex Rice Casserole. Gotta make sure there isn't one ingredient missing though.
Huggs to all, and safe driving, ya hear!

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