Tuesday, December 9, 2008

my letter to Jill

Yikes Jill!
Please, please, please don't let Chief CHEW on them. Those bits could get caught in his intestines and kill him! You wouldn't know the symptoms until way too late.
It is like my friend's dauschhound that ate some tinsel. He had been around it for years and years and never bothered with it. By the time he was ill enough to show symptoms, the run to the vet was too late. She lost her beloved little dog.
It is the same with people giving their dogs those DAMMNED rawhide bones. Two of my friend's basset hounds had to have emergency surgery and almost didn't make it because the rawhide had become caught in their intestine and had to be surgically removed. $300.00 each dog later, they were allowed to go home with the proviso that Betty would get rid of all rawhide 'treats' in the house. The best present to give a dog owner is a "Nylabone", bought at any good pet store. It is all nylon, an inert material and dissolves in the dog's stomach acid when the dog chews on it to keep it's teeth and gums healthy.
Please try to keep the bags away from Chief. I kind of like that guy, my Silver thinks he is as handsome as he is, and Minnie is just over the moon for both Chief and Bert.
Tuesday, December 9, 2008 1:38:00 PM CST

CeeJay said...
P. S. The $300.00 quote was for surgery about ten years ago.

$600.00 for two dogs surgery now days is just for the anaesthesia?
Betty still gets the shakes when she thinks how close she came to losing her best buds back then.
There are specially made 'tunnels' that are plastic bags from the pet stores to make 'crinkly' sounds encased in fabric so the cat can't get to the bag, but still make the 'sound'.
I personally think he likes the 'warmth' radiating back up to his body from the plastic. It would be better to get a hunk of Fleece, cut into a generous square of about 15"x15", doubled over and hem-stitched a couple of times at the edge, into a nice pad for each cat to warm themselves on. Fleece is not that expensive for a good heavy weight fleece to make a cat pad. I have a child's small carry-blankie made by "Boo" (a company no longer available to the general public) and my cats love it. Thanks again for the YouTube flashback in memory.Cait
Tuesday, December 9, 2008 1:51:00 PM CST

CeeJay said...

Chief looks to be a long haired Siamese. Siamese are notorious to love to chew on wool and yarn products. My Siamese Sampson had that habit. The vet's solution was to remove his back teeth, which is guess is the way to stop them from chewing yarn products. I couldn't afford the surgery, so Sampson had to go to a better home than mine. We had many years of 'talking' together though. He knew in the morning when he would talk to me and I fumbled with the coffee pot and said "Sam, give me a couple of minutes to wake up, will you?" He would literally sit at the kitchen table and wait for the coffee to get done, then continue his 'conversation' with me. I hated to give him away, but I simply could not afford the surgery, but know that he went to the best home I could have found him.
He went to two elderly people that lived in an apartment building that had lost their first Siamese when someone let him out of the building. They took wonderfully good and marvelous care of Sam, and loved him as much as I would have until he passed on to the Cat Heaven to be with Jesus....and to wait for us when we got there.

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