Monday, December 8, 2008


I have a friend that lives in Hudson, Wisconsin.
Her name is Sue D.
Sue is a very lovely, stubborn, feisty, independent, woman that does some of the most beautiful Hardanger stitching I have ever seen and is not afraid to tackle Hardanger in a table-sized piece.
She is a generous and loving friend and I love her very, very dearly.

Years ago she and her doctor discovered she had cancer.
While I don't really know exactly where her cancer was located, she told me her Mom died from cancer. Her Dad was unable to go with her to her chemo treatments because he was afraid she would die from the same cancer that took his wife.
She told me the story of when she was about to undergo chemo for the first time. Being apprehensive of the treatment, and who wouldn't be, she hired a lady clown to come in and 'entertain' her and the people undergoing treatment the same time Sue was.
While Sue was starting her treatment, she heard a voice outside the door.
"This must be the place...any place with the word "MOTHER'' in the middle of it, has to be the right place!''
With that, the lady clown came in and lessened the worry for a bit for the chemotherapy patients that day.
Years and years later, I had a dear cross stitching friend that was diagnosed with breast cancer. I asked Sue if I could relay the story to her, ironically another lady named Sue, and my Suzie said 'that it would absolutely be all right!'
I did, and my cross stitcher stitcher friend, Sue M. emailed me back.
The story I had related had touched her.
It seems that her Mother was known for her frugal methods in bringing up several children and getting the most for her money. They all called her their ''cheapy'' Mom. She said that the story particularly hit home with her because if you combine the remaining letters after you take 'Mother' out, you are left with the word 'Cheapy', and that is what they all called their dear Mother.
Sue M. did, unfortunately, pass away from the disease, but her gentleness, grace, humor, passion for counted cross stitching, and love for her fellow stitchers still live on.
My heart aches.
I miss her still.

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