Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Just for today...

Just for today I want all the problems I have to be put on hold.
Isn't that what we all would like in this holiday time?
Then we tell ourselves that we can enjoy the season and not be hurried and rushed and cranky because we feel that we can't get every thing done that we think we should be doing?
I don't decorate the house for the holidays, I guess I lost my passion for it when the kids all left the house, but I will say that I didn't do much while they were little either. That must be a fault of mine as one daughter loves to decorate her house. Even the bathroom is displaying decorations for each holiday in turn.
Sometimes I look at all the decorations and think that I should and would love to decorate. But I never do. It isn't that I don't have the decorations, I do, but the thought of dragging them all down and then having to find room and displacing the things that I do have out, gets to be a large issue with me and time.
So to all of those of you that do decorate, a big Thank You! I envy you your passion and energy to do that. Please add a little 'extra' for me.
A little "lagniappe".
For the rest of us, just take each day a little slower in your mind. Savor all that comes your way.
When the cards come, look at each one, remember the sender, and if you are of the propensity, say a small prayer for them. Then go on to the next card.
Cherish and relish each day. We only have so many days in our life, try to enjoy each one to the fullest. Most times, it just takes a little slowing down mentally to get the job done.
My best to all this Holy Season.

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