Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all,
We spent a quiet Christmas Eve and went up to Grand Rapids, MN, to spend Christmas Day with my in-laws. Arrived around four p.m. and only an hour late. Roads were fine, after my mishap with my little pick-up on the bridge leading out of town towards Foreston. I was thankful to the good Lord that there weren't any vehicles heading east. I landed in the ditch just past Cemetery road, about 20 feet in. Blasted through one heck of a hard, ice-packed drift, went airborne a bit and 'drove' the last 10 or so feet when I stopped. Not a pleasant experience.
Evidently I wasn't the only one that hit the black ice on the bridge that day. A lady with a wheelchair equipped vehicle was the first. Why wasn't there a police car stationed at the side by the bridge? Good question.
Got home after the tow with a ride from a very good friend, and called 911 to mention that the bridge was slippery.
She told me she knew, that they had put in three calls to the highway department for sanding the bridge and were ignored. Go figure.

Took two days for the engine compartment to melt of snow. Only damage is the bumper where my beloved fog lights are, is not attached any longer. Will have to go somewhere for body work to get it re-attached. Except for a small power steering leak, everything seems to be running fine.
I am driving with four-wheel drive if it is the slightest bit icy...doesn't stop me from fish-tailing, but at least I have four wheels pulling at a slow speed. If they want to pass, I will wave to them as I pass when they land in the ditch.
Went to the Nosbusch Christmas Party today, and started out slipping and sliding just off our hill. Really didn't want to experience another ditch episode, but made it to the highway all right and proceeded to the party. It was nice, and nice to spend time with friends. (Forgot how squealey children under four can be.) But it was a good time spent.
Have other things going on, but don't really want to talk about it as I don't need to bring anyone else down for the holidays.
Have a good holiday season, and be careful for the New Year's driving. I don't want to lose anyone this year.
Huggs, to all,

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