Saturday, December 6, 2008

New clothes for Dad

I bought three new shirts, two new pair of slacks and eight more pair of the knit boxer briefs for Dad yesterday.
Two of the shirts were the brushed variety and xl in size, so he can wear them over another shirt if he desires. He was putting his arm in the 'red garnet' brushed cotton shirt and said 'Ohh, nice and warm.' So I think that was a good purchase. It is an imitation of a chamois shirt, and is just what he needs. He is wearing his sweaters out. The other just like it is a 'smoky olive' in color, both by Faded Glory brand.

The third shirt is a Puritan brand, a dress shirt, ''barley' in color, and think I should have gotten him a large instead of the xl. He said that the sleeves were just right, even though the shoulder seam is way past his shoulder. I guess it doesn't matter, it will most likely reside under a sweater also.
Then came the two pair of pants by Wrangler. I originally got him a 36 waist x 30 leg. He stood up and struggled to get the button closed, finally laughing and said that it wasn't going to get there. I looked and sure enough, quite a bit of space there. I took the measurements off of another pair of his old pants he wears. I got tired of seeing his pants leg turned up in a cuff, and thought maybe we should get a shorter leg.
He said that the length was just fine, but couldn't get his fingers to work that darned waist button. He said that he would rather get a bigger waist and then use his belt to tighten than struggle with those darned buttons.
Then he mentioned that he put the new webbed belt away and got out his old leather one.
It seems that he almost 'lost' his pants while downstairs in the common room! He is laughing as he says this, and so it must have been pretty funny. Those 'peers' of his in the building are quick to see something funny in someone's 'drawers' falling off! I teased him about losing his drawers in front of the ladies, and I meant 'mooning' them, not the other meaning, but I think he got my meaning.
So I accused him of getting 'chubby' and said I would return the slacks and get him a 38x30 size. He is trying to keep that 'manly figure' and so I am surprised he didn't comment on the larger size. But then different manufacturers cut for 'size' but are different from another brand.
He said that that would be ok and I didn't have to hurry back, Sunday, Monday or Tuesday would be all right.
I got him the same Wrangler brand in a khaki and black, both with a pleated front. Very nice slacks.
This way I am also not going down there every week and wasting gas for that hour down and hour back to collect laundry. I should be checking in on him every week though. At 93, he could fluctuate so quickly in health. Maybe I will still go down, but not to collect laundry and just to check in and see how he is doing. Then treat myself to a Thai lunch.
I have a fresh basil plant growing now and will use that in my noodle soups along with a dab of fish sauce. Don't know if that will duplicate the 'Pho' noodle soups, but am willing to give it a good try.

I almost lost the plant a few days ago, as it got so dry in the plastic sleeve, and I forgot to water it......Ooops. I have to get it planted in a pot today. I may have to ring it with chicken wire though, as I put it in the bedroom to keep it safe from the other cats, and Silver ZONED in on it on the bookcase top. He never learns. Thought he would have had enough with the stomach pumping he had when a kitten eating the poisonous azalea buds, flowers and leaves. Silly boy. Well, think I will shower and then take a nap after baking the bread for the crew dinner.
Still bummed out about my large baking circle cracking in half. I think I can still use it, but it isn't whole any more.

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