Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What happened to the Lotus?

What happened to the Lotus?
We were anticipating a wonderful lunch with friends yesterday, and when we drove by, it wasn't there!
They were tearing down the building!
We drove in from over 2 hours away, and were so disappointed that it wasn't there.
What Happened?
Did they move somewhere else?
We had to settle for a Thai restaurant a few blocks north, on the corner of the east side of Hennepin, closest to Hennepin/Lake intersection.
Was not pleased with the waitress as we were preparing to leave.
She WOULD NOT allow ME to box my own lunch, saying she didn't want ME to MESS HER TABLE, and after four or five requests and attempts to grab my plate from her to box my own lunch, she proceeded to mix in the rice with my entire meal.
#1. I didn't want her hands touching my plate after observing she had her hands on other multiple plates with other people's saliva and germs on their plates transferring to her hands. I know she didn't take time to wash her hands between taking other people's plates into the back and coming back with the box and bag to my lunch.
#2. I had the rice in one corner so it could be plated separately from my mock duck on reheating, and she proceeded to MIX it ALL in with the rest of my entree. I need to control how much carbohydrate I consume as a leftover as I am a diabetic. It is now mixed totally, hopelessly and completely in with the mock duck entree. I unfortunately do not remember the name of the restaurant since we live over two hour's north and it was our first time there, but it is on the south-east corner of the block on Hennepin Avenue, a block or two north of Lake St.
I would have recommended the restaurant, but for her attitude in making me feel as though I was a child and would mess her table.
Heaven Forbid!
Her actions, unclean hands are enough of a turn-off that I would never eat there again.
You make your own choice....I prefer not to get sick from other people in this cold and flu season because of her unsanitary actions.

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