Sunday, January 4, 2009

There was an ingredient missing from the 15 Minute Tex-Mex Casserole. It was a can of corn.
Since I got the recipe, I have been enjoying it very, very much. I have been doling it out here and there and am having the last 1/2 cup now.
This morning was supposed to be brunch 'out', but since I didn't make it to church because of our hazardous roads, I didn't think that going out to brunch would be too 'kosher'. I did make a pretty darned good breakfast though. Shoot, just remembered that I have a couple of tubes of biscuits in the fridge and I was going to bake one. Didn't get to bake any yesterday morning since hubby got a call from Sheila saying that Dustin didn't make it home to help her load/unload the truck as he was supposed to do. Dustin got paid for it ahead of time. Bobby called him and said he wanted money back because he was up fishing and drinking and didn't make it back to help his mother.

[Bobby said that is was because he is 18 and just a kid....I am not buying it. I admittedly have a problem with people that drink too much so that they get drunk and pass out, and then laugh about it!
I went through enough hell with a person that I loved very much that did that, and I have no more patience for people that drink.]

We had a good amount of time when it rained and then froze on our vehicles and roads and yard last night, then it snowed about an inch and a half over that.
I have already been pulled out of the ditch once this winter, and am not willing to repeat it. I lost my beloved fog light bumper and lights with that one, and am not willing to play 'swing the chick-pickup around' on ice again. I was the second vehicle off that bridge that day, and not one police car was stationed there at the bridge to warn us. Hmmph.
So I stayed home this morning. Will do my prayers in a bit. I have some serious praying to do to make up for not going to church. I hate missing church. I am honored in receiving the Body and Blood of Christ.

I missed it for over 30 years, and it left a big hole in my life. I am a 'cradle' Roman Catholic, and missing those 30+ years is a huge black stain in my life.
Thank You Dear 'Holy Spirit' through Father Charlie. I have the gift of receiving the Eucharist and Blood of Christ back that means an awful lot to me.
I hope everyone is driving safely and watches out for the other drivers, and remember those black ice bridges and on/off ramps.
Huggs to all.

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