Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Have you ever heard Angels?
I have.
The first was years ago when we were on the flyway for Monarch butterflies.
I was hanging clothes outside on the lines and saw this incredible sight of these beautiful 'beings' swarming the yard and hanging from the trees ringing the yard. It was amazing seeing them fly to the branches, and effortlessly 'snuggle' between those that had come to rest first.
I know that Monarchs need to find somewhere to rest when the evening temperatures cool, and it was incredible to see these beautiful orange and black 'beings' on my tree branches, ALL over the back yard.
I stayed outside for a long time watching them quiver as they settled in for the night.
The next morning, I watched them slowly warm as the temperatures increased. They were all quivering to wakefulness, or maybe they don't sleep, but just rest. That is something we just don't know.
Then it happened. The temperature reached that necessary point.
As ONE, they all left the branches of the shrubs and trees.
That is when I heard the Angel's wings.
It is a soft sound, almost not even there, but it is.
Almost like a swishing of a silk material, but so very, very soft.
And then they were gone.
Their journey to Mexico one day closer.
I was so grateful to our Lord for that experience.
You never, ever 'hear' one Monarch fly, but in the thousands, you are given a gift and my heart swelled with the beauty of it.

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