Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The second time I heard Angels

Hanging clothes outside in the backyard lets me 'see' many things.
I hear wonderful things also.
One early morning, I could hear them before I saw them.
Those great 'V's' of Canadian Geese. I could hear them 'talking and singing' to each other one morning. I swiveled until I could spot them. I had a hard time in that and they were getting close. I could hear them coming from the east.
And then they were here.
Right above me.
The reason I couldn't see them was that they were just barely above the tree tops, 50 feet high at the most. As they came to the trees on the top of our hill, they quieted. But I could see them so clearly. Closer than I ever had before.
As they passed over my head, they were no longer 'talking', just flyng.
I heard the swish of their pin feathers on their wings as they flew over.
It is a marvelous thing to hear Canadian Geese fly over you.
You will never forget the sound of Angel's wings.
It will warm your soul for years to come.

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