Wednesday, January 28, 2009

American Idol

I really don't understand the American Idol tryouts and the airing of these tryouts. They are demeaning, self-serving to the "hosts/judges" and just downright awful. Not-withstanding that 'Simon Cruel' has enough money, does he have to perpetuate the people he and the other 'judges' makes laughing-stock out of? And get that new female off the about a sad concept of a 'judge'.
There is even a "Rewind" American Idol aired late-night where you can make fun of the contestant AGAIN.
My suggestion is for them to sift through all those contestants privately- non taped, only show those winners, and then on to the contest.
Save us hours and hours of mindless, boring, shabby tabloid viewings of those hapless people trying and thinking they are good.
My second request is that while briefly in the bedroom where hubby was watching, they had one girl singing one of Karen Carpenter's lovely songs. She however, hacked it up in the 'rap manner of singing' with the singing of all the notes available in the musical scale in trying to find the one note that Karen Carpenter sang so beautifully.
A POX on all the American Idol people!
OR, maybe it is because I have a quality discerning ear, and know good music when I hear it, and Baby, American Idol Isn't It!


  1. I totally agree!! I usually don't even start watching until they are down to the last 12 or so!

  2. My thoughts exactly! I have to go through two nights of it during the week. Hubby said that he watches my shows that he doesn't like, so I should be able to do the same.
    My point is that they are making fun of people. I don't agree with that at all!