Friday, June 25, 2010

Giving up part 2

I give up 'part 2'.
Feeling really icky today so I am going to do what I feel like doing.
If I don't get the clutter done today, guess what? It will still be there tomorrow.
Am watching Martha Stewart and her guest is making wallets! Am going to download pattern. I can NEVER find a wallet that works! They never are big enough to let you put a checkbook in. The wallets from China or Taiwan or where ever, must think our checkbook blanks are a lot smaller than they actually are.
The guest is using Martha Stewart's scrap booking paper as the decorative part of the wallet, but I think I would rather use a thin cloth. Or a cross stitched pattern! Woo Hoo! Great idea there!
Her next guest went to Tuscany! Oh, be still my heart. I want to poke around the Tuscany region for a month or two. Want to join me?

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