Wednesday, July 7, 2010


What would we ever do without air conditioning in the house?
We live in a 94-95 year old farmhouse. Yup, the house was born the same year as my Dad.
So, that being said, we do not have whole house air as there just is no way to install it without gutting the entire house.
We have a room a/c in the north window of the bedroom.
I can stitch again.
I have a magnifying lamp with a regular light bulb.
My beloved Daylight magnifier light died.
Well, the metal parts did, totally made a noise like a gunshot when the metal parts stripped and quit. The magnifier was still working as well as the light. But it just wouldn't stay up to swivel, nor stay put in the right spot, so it had to go.
The one I am currently using was a gift from the auction house. Bless that auction house. Bless The Lord. I needed a stitching light, and He provided. But in the summer, we have to have the a/c going because it is just too darned hot to stitch without it. Those little lamps do put out a lot of heat.
Not to mention not being able to sleep in this hot, humid weather. Hubby works very hard in this hot, humid weather and he really needs to be able to sleep. I also have a problem in that I simply have a problem breathing if it is too hot and humid. Plus being older, well, I thank The Lord for a/c and the ingenuity He gave to the person that invented it!

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