Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Murphy's Law hit again.
Got a clothes line up between a couple of trees and have been hanging clothes out. At least the sheets. The small dryers in house are just that, too small. Needed a clothes line.
So hung out some towels etc., yesterday, and it was a load of whites to sun bleach over the night/morning.
Can you guess what happened?
It is raining. Not just a gentle, spurty rain, but a long, drawn-out rain. Instead of the three puddles in the circle, I now have enlarged the three and am working on the fourth.
I am watching the load on the line sag.
I will, however, not take these in and rewash. I am going to just let the rain soften them up and forget about that molecule of dirt in each raindrop.


  1. The way it used to work here is if DH washed his car/truck, then it would invariably rain!

  2. It's funny, living on a farm, I rarely think of washing our vehicles. Usually we let the rain do it for us.
    There has to be a marvelous correlation between dirty vehicles and city people. We have a car wash in town and I have used it on a rare occasion, but not to the degree that I see some people in town use it.
    I am not sure what to make of my tendencies on this score, lololol.
    Either I have become a total farm kid or I am very lazy. Not sure which to go with here.
    Thanks for the comment.