Friday, June 25, 2010

I gave up.
We are starting to smell lake shore.
Wouldn't it just be like Murphy's Law.
Put up clothes line and all it has done is rain.

So brought them in and since most of them dragged on the ground, will give up and re-wash. (oh to have a regular clothes line 't' bar to run the lines on.)
Bonnie Hunt's Mom, Alice, is just a hoot.
Her joke today was:
'What did one mountain say to the other mountain after an earthquake?
Answer: 'It wasn't my fault'.
Get it?
I just did after I typed it!
FAULT as in the famous San Andreas Fault where all the earthquakes are! LOL, no one said that I was the brightest bulb today.
Tune in that show if you can get it, we get it on our local Fox station. She is the most gentle woman host for a talk show. Loves her Mom, and her crew is 'unique'. I have mentioned her before and try to check her out for a week.
She genuinely likes people and isn't mean like Leno and Letterman. Her jokes are usually self-effacing, and that is such a relief.

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