Friday, April 30, 2010

Truly spring

It truly must be spring here in our northern climes.
I had no decaf green tea yesterday at 9:25 p.m. last night, and didn't want to consume any more regular caffeinated tea that late at night. So off to the grocery, 7 or so miles away.
On the way there, I wasn't paying too much attention to the roadside things, which is what I normally do, such as looking for deer, but was more concentrated on the time as the grocery store closes at 10 p.m. now that the new owners took over.
But on the way back, I noticed the first night-flying insects. Then came the thoughts of how do they 'see' at night? Their eyes are so small! With most 'night' animals, their eyes are just huge!
Then the thought was that it must be heaven to just fly around the farm communities with nothing to obstruct their flight
It was then that it became a realization that spring is finally here and the bugs are out, even in this cooler weather. When I got home and ensconced myself in the bedroom again, I could hear the bugs hitting the screens and windows. I don't like that, as I don't like hurting any living thing, even bugs. No matter the season, if I encounter a spider or bug that I can trap, it goes outside to live. I have my Cool-Whip container at the ready. I can't quite trap them in a hanky or tissue as the Navajo or Hopi do (just not that adept), but they get caught in a Cool-Whip container and are encouraged to live outside.
Mice on the other hand........I have an electronic mouse 'zapper', and am up to about 20+ so far this winter........cats have 3. Problem is that they like to get in the drawer of the stove and the cats can't open the drawer. Don't know why not, they can open my cupboard drawers to climb on the counter!
But a cool spring finally has arrived and we will be seeing May soon!
Huggs to all.

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