Sunday, April 18, 2010


I am watching the Country Music Awards, set in Vegas! (We all know my love affair with Vegas....)
I have forgotten how much I love country music.
It is at the end of the show and Darius Rucker(?) is now singing. He is the one that sang the solos for Hootie and the Blowfish in case you don't remember. Made the transition to country absolutely beautifully!
I haven't listened to country in a while, and there are some wonderful new singers I have yet to discover. I am the 'old' school, Willie, Dolly, Waylon, George Jones, Hank Williams, Sr., etc..
However Josh Nichols is one of the newer gentlemen I adore. On my way to mass in Grand Rapids, my sister-in-law loaned me her car and had his CD in the player.
Mind you, I was on my way to church and wondering if Pat would notice if I 'borrowed' the CD. (Guess that old 'evil one' will creep into the mind at any time he can sniggle in. We have to be careful of that one.)
Anyway, when I got back to her house, I asked her the singer, album's name and where she got it (I was not about to take a CD out of the player in an unfamiliar car and especially since I noticed that there were 5 Cd's in her player!). Took me a while, but I finally found it, and he and his songs are among my favourites. How that face can come out with that voice is amazing, it is something you really don't expect.
OK, well I guess I am getting a bit too over the top here.
I will scour the country radio waves and start listening again. I will have a lot of good listening to go through and learn the new people and their songs.
Rock 'N Roll of the 50's-70's, I haven't forgotten you and will always be a dyed in the wool Hippie (if only in my mind), but Good-Golly Molly, country is so dog-gone comforting at times.

Hope your day went well, take care of yourselves and your loved ones.

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