Tuesday, April 6, 2010

There are a couple of days that I absolutely love on our farm.
First of all, let me tell you that we live out in the country on the top of the highest hill around. It is a non-animal farm, and we have a gentleman that does the crops..this year it most likely will be corn. Hubby and I like it better when it is in alfalfa. We love the smell when it is cut and it is easier to walk the field in the summer with alfalfa.
Every spring and fall I wait for the redwing blackbirds to come. With us being on top of the hill, when they come, the ladies and some gents congregate in the tallest trees on top of the hill, which happens to be on our farm.
For about an hour, they sing, cackle, whistle, and just generally seem to gossip before they disperse to their chosen spots around the area.
I knew they were coming because the first male scouts have appeared in the area the last few weeks down at the four corners 1/4 mile south of us. We look for them every spring as we drive around the country side to and from town on the countryside around.
This year we seemed to have had two waves so far of the ladies. They came first yesterday, Easter Sunday. This morning as I went out to check the mail, I heard them in the trees again.
They were not as plentiful as in previous years, but maybe that was explained by the two waves of redwing blackbirds.
The second time they appear 'en masse' is in the fall when they gather again before they start their journey south for the winter.
These are the two days I am just beside myself with joy. I love their 'kong-a-rhee' song.
They usually congregate where there is water, and to have them here on top of the hill for that brief time before they settle in down in the swampy area to the south is just a joy. I know I have mentioned them before, but it is such a rite of spring for me to experience their tweetings, songs, cacklings and general gossip of these lovely birds.
So, they are finally here safely from their trip from the south.
I have been known to stop at the four corners to the south, roll down the windows and just listen for a while. I have had lovely people stop and ask me if I need help, so I usually try to do this when I can see no other cars coming because to give them an answer that I was just listening to the birds can be somewhat embarassing.
My two favourite days in the year. I hope when you see the redwing blackbirds in your area, stop and listen to them. Robins have a beautiful song, so add the redwing blackbird to your list of birds to listen to and enjoy.

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  1. How awesome to be able to experience this and look forward to it each year. We had a mockingbird who year after year always showed up in the tree right outside our bedroom. He would just sing and sing his little heart out. Unfortunately, this wasn't always appreciated, because it was normally at 6:30 in the morning, come rain or shine. We affectionately dubbed him Loverboy and he always let us know Spring was coming. We haven't heard him in the past couple of Springs, and funny thing; we really miss him, even early in the morning. :)