Friday, March 26, 2010

Auction house kitchen & Carol's comments on it

Thank you, Carol, for your comments.

I have a few pics in some older posts if you would like to look at them.

I see your picture came with a ribbon for your sampler!

Congratulations on the ribbon!

It is a passing thought each year when I attend the MN State Fair that I should try and enter a piece. The trouble is that there are so many extraordinary pieces submitted. I don't know if I would have a chance. BUT just seeing a piece behind that glass display would be an enormous thrill.

Again, hearty and sincere congratulations on the ribbon.

What is the piece's name and designer?

I am toying with samplers as stitching since completing The Hen Sampler by Bent Creek. She was such a joy to do and she is a hoot! Check out Bent Creek's catalog to see her other patterns.
Roxy seemed appreciative when she got it at the Auction House.
Found her and posted her picture at the start and now you see why I got such a chuckle over the pattern at the store in Las Vegas. The rule is: that if I chuckle, smile or laugh at a pattern, it gets purchased. I laughed out loud in this tiny Las Vegas Stitcher's Paradise store.
I am getting more content to stay at home on Saturday nights now, and the "Lost" feeling is getting lessened more and more.
Sorry it took so long to review your comment and publish it. Your kind words mean so much.
Huggs, Cait

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