Friday, March 26, 2010

Internet in the morning and farm yards

Good mid afternoon all!
I haven't posted in a long while and for that I apologize. Life happens to get in the way.
Plus getting on the net in the morning is trouble.
The trouble is that when I am on the net, I get sucked into this site and then into that site leads to another and repeat that forever! Most of the time it is time wasted, do you know what I mean????

I have two cross stitch projects going and I really have to get that bib, burp and changer done before Caleb starts on steak! I switched from the elephants I was doing as the pattern just didn't seem to have ANY appeal to me and was a drudge to get stitching on.
This set of patterns is going to be animal pull-toys and found them in a Vanessa~Ann Collection 'An American Sampler', 1992 book. The Book is by designer Susan Winget and called 'Susan Winget's "The Changing Seasons".
The second project is a weather vane for a friend to make into a luggage tag with her name on the back second piece fabric. Since most luggage is black, we have found these little stitched luggage tags identify your bag at once coming around the baggage carousel.
I was in the second hand book store here in town by the name of 'Cover 2 Cover' and was going through their stitching magazine and leaflet area and found the weather vane pattern I have, but can't find. For a quarter I now have it again. It is simple and can change the colourways so easily as it is only four colors of DMC.
Huggs to all, hope your weather is good, our farm yard has most of the frost out and I DIDN'T GET STUCK ONCE! In fact the ground is almost all dried up with those marvelous March winds this week. Yaaaay! In case most of you don't know, I live on a 40 acre non-animal farm and we have the typical farm yard drive. We have had gravel added to the dirt, but most of it has disappeared into the dirt. The last time we added gravel was 20? yrs ago? Guess it is time. I need to get the number again and size and grade of gravel, but as with life happening, something else will come up to gobble up that funding. Makes life interesting, yes?

Mary W. will know what farm yards are like, I think. I think years ago she mentioned what farm yards are like.
I love farm yards, everyone is different and has it's own individuality. I still remember getting up in the middle of the night and looking at my grandparent's farmyard lit by the center pole light. Theirs was three times the size of mine. It is a comforting thought to look out at your barn in the middle of the night with your yard light lit and look for a bunny or two or three.
I don't throw my produce away when it has gone that one day over the time for human consumption anymore. I have a patch dedicated just outside the kitchen door where I put it for the bunnies. I found that they don't like herbed stuffing mix much, but will eat the cranberries that are in it first. It takes them a while, but the stuffing mix eventually disappeared. They had the same reaction to some very, very stale rye crackers. But they get fed and it stays out of filling up the dumpster. All my potato peelings, tops and bottoms of radishes, tomato cores, old, wrinkled apples from the apple bin in the fridge, even banana skins get made into bunny muscle, blood and bone. Good for them, good for me. It all started when I was re-arranging the kitchen and found a whole Tupperware container of stale peanuts in the shell. It went out in a pile out on the snow and it took them a while, but they ate them. Was a lot of fun to see them put the peanut in their mouth and work it around until they extracted the peanut and then spit the shell out. My German Shepherd, Molly Brown did the same thing. Brought back memories of her.
I get such great delight in seeing them in the middle of the night, just outside my kitchen door by about 20 feet away when I can't sleep. Thank you, Lord, for whispering the idea into my head. They even ate a mango, but left the seed. I can see the teeth marks on the pit. Guess I will have to put that part of the mango in the dumpster. But it is a nice reminder of what my bunnies will eat. I think we throw away so much and it could be fed to the bunnies. Well, guess I am through ruminating for the morning, have some computer chores to do as well as eat breakfast. (Well I guess I could term it brunch since it is now after 12.) Going to have leftover brown rice with pork and pork gravy with added broccoli and carrots and serve it with some lemon soy sauce. Kikkoman brand, Ponzu Citrus Seasoned Soy Sauce & Dressing. Good stuff. It has natural lemon and orange flavours in it, and the sodium is 400 mg for 1 tbsp!!!!!
Well, guess that is all for now. Hope to post a pic or two of projects going on.

Huggs to all, Cait

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