Monday, February 1, 2010

Auction house kitchen

Last night I started to clean out the auction house kitchen.
I will no longer be there in the kitchen.
I have retired, so to speak and have turned over the reigns to a couple that does catering.
In order to have food at the auction house, it has to be catered.
So, last nite was a closing of a part of my life that was a great part of my weekends.
I had many of the customers come to tell me that they will miss me, and I am sure a great deal more glad that I will no longer be there so they can have hot food again.
Either way, it is a sadness of note, but also one of happiness.
Even though I only served pop, candy bars and chips, it gave me a way to connect with humanity.
I listened to a lot of woes, shared a ton of happiness and learned about their lives. I made a lot of friends, and tried to remember the names of all the regulars.
In each transaction, or connection, you realize that we are all a part of a skein of life that interweaves with others. We can no longer be a hermit and live a life of seclusion. Each person leaves a mark on our life and we can only hope that we leave a good mark on someone else's life.
I will miss the kitchen, but it is time to move on.
Maybe next week, after 5:00 mass, I will be lodged in the corner in Bob's old desk chair and will be finally finishing the bib, burp and changing pad that should have been done before Christmas. I do want to get it to Caleb to use before he starts on that steak!
Thanks to all that were part of my life in that kitchen, even though most, if not all, will never know of this posting.
I will miss serving you in that small way of a life connection.
But stop in at the other side of the auction house and visit for a bit.

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  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun doing the kitchen duty at the auction house. It is sad when one chapter of your life closes but I'm hoping the next chapter in your life is even better! :) Looking forward to seeing your stitching!!!!