Monday, February 1, 2010


Good morning All!
I guess I made myself pretty clear on the Grammys that aired last nite. I am sorry that I missed Andreas Bocelli and Mary Blige and their song. I love that man's voice with anything he sings.
But O.K., I admit I am old.
Most likely as old as dirt in my kid's eyes.
But I am still alive!
And with that said, I still believe that proper behaviour is how our society will continue to function and go on.
Like trying to access my old Twitter account.
I evidently hadn't used it for a period of time, and it was deleted!
Can you believe that? I have an expiration date, and my account expired!
Then I tried to rejoin. Used an old email address. Guess what? That expired because of non-use too! Second swing at the bat?
Trying to tell me something?
O.K. I guess I will just have to think of a new name and address, don't know if I can do it, but that may be my only option.
I hate to think that I may be 'expired' without my knowing it! But isn't that the way life sometimes manifests itself?
I know I was very sick the past two weeks (read that as flat on my back in bed for fourteen days), and really thought that I really wanted to 'expire', but I didn't, and have regained some of the ten pounds that I lost.
Let me tell you that this is not the way I envisioned losing weight.
But I must be on the mend, I am actually thinking of food in a good way the last few days, and have actually been hungry. For me not to be hungry means something drastic is going on. My life revolves around food.
Being a diabetic makes me look at food differently, but I still enjoy good food. My cooking is a pretty poor substitute for what I want to cook. Just need to update my skills. At least while I am still alive, and not expired. I did get a good chuckle out of it, but not being so computer literate as I would like to be, am at a loss as to how to do some things. Ohhhwelllll, sigh, back to my mundane world and the need to feed the belly with breakfast-type foods. Hmmmm, do have some pancakes in the freezer. Off to the kitchen!!!!!
Enjoy your day. Look forward to each minute. It can never be recovered. Life your life with honor.

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