Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Good Morning,
Watching the local cities news shows and wondering if the anchors get assignments based on nerves, guts or a combination of the two. Or just plain stupidity. Nah, these people are smart.
Alix Kendall on our channel 9's Fox affiliate morning show is doing gymnastics on a trampoline in a controlled environment with a trainer to the side. It looks like she is flying at times.
She is now on a bar, one of a set of parallel bars.
We all watch them on the Summer Olympics and now I can see how much training is involved.
We all know that they have intense training, but to take a young news anchor-woman-wife-mother to try to do just some general moves has my admiration level at the max.
I am sure Alix said "What!?" when the assignment presented itself.
Then we have had Hoda and Kathie Lee doing rodeo.
Maybe I have had the wrong job all my life.
Not that I would trade the life I have had, but inside each one of us is that secret, phantom desire to try a dangerous, scintillating, risky 'something-out-of-the-ordinary'.
I have always wanted to be a dancer.
I remember twirling, hopping, stretching arms and legs in our tiny bungalow house as a kid.
Not a lot of room, but did I ever take this activity outside to the backyard where I had an acre of grass to do this. Uh, uh. Nope. Neighbors too close.
That would have been toooo embarassing for a pre teen. Even my frenzied hopping around resulted in an activity done in private when everyone else was OUT of the house.
I admire those news anchors that bite the bullet and show us their willing-ness to get 'outside themselves' and allow us to dream again.
Or, Maybe Alix said "Yeah, let's do it!" and allowed her secret phantom desire to come to the outside and then she thought "And I get Paid for this!"
Maybe I should think of taking up courses in broadcasting.........hmmmmm.

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