Monday, May 17, 2010

Living in Minnesota, you get to appreciate the small things in our 'spring'.
This year the spring evolved slowly, tantalizingly, with a summer snap, and then back to our normal cold and rainy spring. But that is OK, as I would prefer that than to the normal two day spring and the third and following days are right out of a New Jersey summer! (Hot and with our abundant lakes, humid.)
While gathering courage to get out of a cozy truck one day after a rainy spell, I noticed the robins in our farm yard. We know we have a decent rain when we have puddles, three in fact, in the center of our drive-around.
Have you ever watched a robin's legs when that robin wants to get somewhere? Those beautiful songsters can really get their mojo on when they want that bath in the center of our yard! Their legs move at warp speed as they move to that desired spot. (O.K. I am an adult child of Star Trek.)
'Tis a beautiful thing, that tiny bird with a mission.
They do not waste any time.


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