Monday, May 31, 2010

Sense of boredom and loss

This is going to be a long one, so get that cuppa and sit and sip with me....
Well, I finished Caleb John's bib, burp and change pad. Yesterday, in fact. I put in the last stitch, signed and dated, bathed, and pressed them. They didn't get the boxed, papered and ribboned gift, they ended up in the proverbial ziplock bag. (Where would stitchers be without that gem of a tool?)
Then off to Margaret and Jack's for a Memorial Day lunch with Kory, Ady, Caleb and Aaron. Met Hubby at the auction house, and both drove to lunch. Bobby wanted to drive as he didn't think he should stay long since he was in the middle of a nasty cold. So, got there and was treated to some marvelous Margaret-prepared food.
Saw Caleb for the first time, in person, and was granted this marvelous sense of peace looking at this little one.
I watched as he was passed from Mom to Dad and back and forth and to Grandpa and Grandma with such ease and love.
The gift I stitched was received with graciousness and I hope with gladness. It was only 5 months, 11 & 21/31 days late. (He will be 6 months on the 8th of June. I really had to work hard on that one and probably got it figured wrong or theoretically wrong, anyway....)
Caleb is at the stage where he is drooling and blowing bubbles. Dad grabbed the burp towel and mopped up. So it got used. Will see if I can get the pictures in here somewhere. I seem to have a problem with finding my pictures once I get them in the computer. And Today is Computer Problem Day evidently. I think it is either the battery cord, or the connection port on the back of this laptop. It kept closing down. Finally after trying several things, I noticed that when the cord is pushed in one certain way, I have the lightning bolt indicating power comes on, stays on, and is charging the laptop. Hmmmph, don't need problems with this, and Hubby will come home and have a problem and be unhappy camper in the house.
Getting back to last night after arriving home.........
I sat in my chair by the bed, hubby was on the computer, I was watching what little programming on the boob tube I could find. I didn't scroll between stations to see what was offered, just watched what Hubby pulled up before the computer went on.
I had this sense of boredom and loss.
I sat there and felt rather crabby and out of sorts.
I finally figured it out.
I didn't have any stitching to get done and look forward to as Hubby was on the computer and I was ensconced in my stitching/devotional chair.
I had completed all three of Caleb's gifts.
The pattern book, corresponding floss and needle had been put away.
I didn't know what to do.
Sure, I have UFO's to do, but where to start? What do I pull out to do for me? I have Chat Noir from Mystic Stitch, Tracy Horner's BoInk, Dimension's Walking to Town, The Witch's House, Alex's ABC Sampler, etc., etc., etc..
I have also received a couple of marvelous patterns from a dear friend in on of the stitching groups I belong to. One is of a Norwegian angel. I might get all the things ready for that one, as I think I remember that it was stitched on Monaco. I have several tubes and packages of that fabric available as it is my favourite stitching fabric.
I really don't have any stitchings that are to go to anyone to do any more, and sometimes when we have the ability and time to do things for ourselves, isn't it funny that we put them off?

Will let it float around in the subconscious today and hopefully I will figure out something to stitch by tonight's boob tube adventures with Hubby.
By the way, today is Memorial Day and he is at the auction house, working. He called the auction early on Saturday, he doesn't usually have an auction on Memorial Day Saturday, but decided to try it. He might not do that next year.
But I had dinner all ready, so he had a good mac and turkey cold salad to enjoy. What is with it with macaroni salads? I absolutely love them and so does he. To us it is one of those comfort foods from our childhood. Thanks Moms, you gave us the best you knew how with your minimal budgets, and we still love those foods.
Well time to sign off. got the computer working and we are currently at 93% of full charge. Hubby will be happy. That's about all I want.....a happy Hubby and macaroni salad for breakfast, lunch, snacks or dinner.
Have a great day everyone, stay safe, and remember the reason for this holiday.
Huggs, Cait
(P.S. I still prefer tuna mac salad, but Hubby wanted canned turkey......not much flavour there.)

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