Tuesday, April 21, 2009

While going through my email, I somehow stumbled upon a lady's blog that mentioned her grand mom visiting them in the depraved, outlandish area of Oklahoma from civilized Chicago and showing us the fabric she 'leaped over two old ladies pawing through the poly knit fabric' or something to that effect and showed us the purse she had made with a vivid thought of her grand mom in dresses with similar fabric. That brought to mind my own memory of a fabric so very, very similar to the one she showed.
This is the memory.
When my two girls were about to make their First Communions in the 60's, 'Moi', always yearning to be a San Francisco 'Hippie', but never attaining that status being a northern, mid-western-stated wife, divorced, then the pariah single mom back then in the 60's, made my two adorable girls their First Communion dresses. White on white printed fabric, empire style, with orange and pink floral panel 'aprons' attached to the front empire seam. No veils, no headdresses. Just clean, glowingly shining, parted down the middle Hippie Hair. Totally and innocently beautiful! I am sure all the other mothers were totally outraged that these two little 'Brides of Christ' were outfitted thusly. But you know what, that fabric eased the sting of being the 'pariah single mom' in those years. I was the first single, divorced woman in that neighborhood of 'couples' in suburbia.

Her purse floral fabric is blue, now imagine it in outrageous oranges and pinks with a splash of yellow thrown in and you have my precious two daughters First Communion 'aprons'!

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