Wednesday, April 15, 2009

still have some fauna around

Good morning everyone,
well at 9:30 this morning while I was setting up the laptop on the desk, I observed my woodchuck and my wild rabbit in the yard. Took too much time to get the binoculars on the woodchuck, but my bunny seems to be well and sassy.
The original thought was what do woodchucks do? Haven't the foggiest, but it is nice to see that this one survived our particularly nasty winter. I knew the rabbit was around in the winter, and frequently threw out bread and tortillas for the bunny population, mainly to keep it away from hubby's, young Father's Day gift from daughter and son-in-law of a Norwegian Maple. Somewhere along the line, I failed and part of the maple's trunk was chewed, or blistered from the extreme cold we had this winter. Will have to see if it survived.
For those of you that don't know what a Norwegian Maple is, it is a maple tree, engineered here at the University of Minnesota, with lighter, creamier-green edges. If you see just all green leaves on the tree, you need to clip those off or the tree will revert to all green leaves. We have two and they are a delightful light green bright spot in the yard. There is a full grown Norwegian Maple in the Roseville, Minnesota, area and it is spectacular!

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